Friday, May 30, 2014

My Journey - Burlesque Fitness

My name is Tatiana and I am the founder of Burlesque Fitness! A little background information about me:

My starting weight was 277 on Feb 10th. I was told I am borderline diabetic and that I needed to make a change! So I did just that! I started going to the gym everyday and sometimes 2x a day. I started eating clean and staying away from sugar, wheat, grain, and anything with gluten (I have celiacs). As of today I weight 224 lbs! People always ask what is the secret and I always say DEDICATION and MIND MANAGEMENT!

You can also follow my fan page on facebook called Burlesque Fitness.

This blog is going to be about not only my progress but the people who are in my lives making the same changes! And the supplements/protein shakes I am doing. I look forward to documenting my journey as well as recipes! :)

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